Friday, December 9, 2011

NST: Pisau Siber

NST merupakan pisau siber yang baik kerana mengandungi banyak aplikasi-aplikasi keselamatan.

Antara aplikasi yang ada di dalamnya:-

  • Aircrack NG: A wireless sniffer and WEP/WPA-PSK key cracker
  • Airsnort: A wireless LAN (WLAN) tool that recovers encryption keys.
  • Amap: A next-generation scanning tool that identifies applications and services even if they are not listening on the default port by creating a bogus communication and analyzing the responses.
  • Argus/Argus-Clients/Argus-Monitor: An audit record generation and utilization system
  • Arp-Scan: A scanning and fingerprinting tool
  • Arpwatch: Network monitoring tools for tracking IP addresses on a network.
  • Awstats: Advanced Web statistics
  • Bandwidthd: Tracks network usage and builds HTML and graphs
  • Beecrypt: An open source cryptography library
  • Bit-twist: A simple yet powerful libpcap-based Ethernet packet generator
  • BlackOwlMIBBrowser: A Visual SNMP MIB browser with MIB variable graphing.
  • Cadaver: A command-line WebDAV client
  • CheckDNS: A Domain Name Server analysis and reporting tool
  • Chkrootkit: A tool to locally check for signs of a rootkit
  • ClamAV: Antivirus
  • Conntrack-tools: Tools to manipulate netfilter connection tracking table
  • DNScap: A DNS traffic capture utility
  • DNSenum: The tool gathers as much information as possible about a domain.
  • DNSmap: A network tool that performs brute force search/query of domains.
  • DNSwalk: A DNS debugger
  • Dsniff: Tools for network auditing and penetration testing.
  • Etherape: A graphical network viewer modeled after etherman.
  • Firewalk: Active reconnaissance network security tool.
  • Foremost: Recover files by carving them from a raw disk.
  • Freeradius: A high-performance and highly configurable free RADIUS server
  • Fwbuilder: A firewall builder
  • Geoclue: A modular geoinformation service
  • GPGme: GnuPG Made Easy — a high level crypto API
  • Greenbone-Security-Assistant: A Web-based interface to the Open Vulnerability Assessment Scanner
  • GSD: A desktop (GUI) interface to the Open Vulnerability Assessment Scanner
  • Honeyd: A honeypot daemon
  • Hunt: A tool for demonstrating well-known weaknesses in the TCP/IP protocol suite.
  • Kismet: Kismet is an 802.11 layer2 wireless network detector, sniffer, and IDS.
  • Mbrowse: A GUI SNMP MIB browser
  • Nagios: Nagios monitors hosts and services and yells if something breaks.
  • NBTScan: A tool to gather NetBIOS info from Windows networks.
  • Netmask: A utility for determining network masks.
  • Netwag: The GUI for the network toolbox Netwox
  • Nload: Monitor network traffic and bandwidth usage in real-time.
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